Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Draw Something Brought Down The Invisible Wall

By all means I'm not an artist when it comes to drawing. Growing up the best I could do were your run-of-the-mill stick figures with smiley faces. That's why when I started to play Draw Something I got a little anxious. The app was starting to get popular and news bits were being made about it, particularly the amazing drawings people created with just a stylus and/or with their fingers. I felt intimidated. What if the person I'm playing with draws this masterpiece and I all I could muster up is a vaguely sketched doodle that should sort of resemble a cat?

Surprisingly, I realized that I could create images that were a little bit beyond stick figures and smiley faces. They're not recreations of the Sistine Chapel, mind you, but they were decent-looking enough that people started to leave positive comments once I started uploading them onto my Instagram account.

One of them even made it to the Ellen Degeneres Show Blog. Who knew?

I guess the moral of this story is that if you let doubt control your life you are robbing yourself the opportunity to achieve something great. While getting "likes" and "thumbs up" on drawings is hardly an achievement, the bigger triumph here is taking down the invisible wall that's been stopping me from doing something (doubt, fear, etc) while finding a hidden talent I never knew I had in the process. 

Here are some more drawings. I only used a finger and an iPod Touch. You can find more in my Instagram account. My username is @johnnyerwin.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Benefits Of Not Caring

This blog does not get a lot of hits. I know this because based on the blog's daily stat counter, about 75% of the total visitors (which is not a lot, trust me) came from this very computer, with me checking whether I've gotten hits or not. This constant checking and counting for visitors has actually dissuaded me from updating the blog as often. I said to myself, "Hey, what's the point. No one reads this stuff anyway so why bother." 

This is why, starting today, I have decided to stop checking that stat counter altogether. I have also removed the comments option from the blog entirely. Seeing "no comments" in every entry have also discouraged me from writing more. That issue has also been dealt with.

We live in the social media age, where anyone is invited to share anything and everything with everyone. By sharing said "anything", you are rewarded with instant reactions from people, both positive and negative. It is so easy to say that you "like" something or hate it with a simple click of a button. This instant source of praise or ridicule is clearly a double-edged sword. A simple negative comment can result in a flood of hate from people, a sort of "digital mob mentality", resulting in something akin to internet bullying. Too much praise, on the other hand, can encourage someone, giving him or her the confidence to come with that new "something" to share and the cycle continues.

So what's the point I'm trying to get into? Well I think it's fine that we are able to quickly react to things we see on the internet. I have no complaints about that. But I realized that we have been so accustomed to quick reactions and instant gratifications from the outside world that we may have lost a fine creative quality, or essence if you will, that is so important when we express ourselves:

We have lost the joy of simply creating just for ourselves.

To simply express ourselves because we want to and can is truly an amazing  experience. Let us simply do what makes us happy and not care about what other people think or might say. I have been so worried coming up with things to write for other people that I have forgotten the joys of writing itself. I cared too much about getting or not getting stats and visitor counts and comments and replies that it stopped the creative drive in me completely. 

To do something simply for the pleasure of doing it. To do something because you want to and not to seek attention or judgment. How liberating. 

This is what I mean by not caring - to forget about the reactions from people and to just simply create and express. Just because no one seems to notice does not mean you should stop yourself from saying or doing it. You owe it to your creative self to have your ideas brought out. 

Some helpful tips...

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Wedding Singer: Julia

Probably one of my favourite characters in film is Drew Barrymore's "Julia" in The Wedding Singer. She's cute, she's lovable, and she rocks 80's fashion like a sweet 'ole vintage princess you just want to hug. I don't think anyone else would have made a better Julia than Drew Barrymore. Perfect casting. ^^

Thursday, July 19, 2012

30 Minutes

I went to a job interview at the local mall last Monday. A shoe store. I like shoes. I figured since I sorta kinda have a thing for men's fashion it would make sense if a applied for a place that sells things I'm familiar with. The interview was scheduled at 2pm but was delayed because the manager was busy and couldn't accommodate me just yet. I decided to burn some time at the one place I feel most calm - the bookstore.

I grabbed a copy of Esquire Magazine and proceeded to sit on on the chairs near the store's display window. No longer than 5 minutes after I sat down an older woman, in her 60s I would guess, approached the vacant chair that was next to me and sat down herself. She was holding a copy of a "home decoration" magazine, I couldn't remember the name. 

Being the friendly person I am, I said hello and exchanged in casual small talk. Unsurprisingly, we talked about the weather and how hot and humid it was. She then told me that she just came out from a leg operation and was still having difficulties walking. After several more minutes and small talk an older gentleman arrived, whom I would later find out to be her husband; she was also waiting like I was. He sat down next to her and we just talked about how I had just moved from a bigger city (Toronto) to a smaller city (Windsor) and how I was still adjusting, even though I've already have been living here for 6 months. 

They couple shared with me some of their stories: how they had just moved here 4 years ago from a larger city and how much they miss their grown children (one of whom works in Toronto). They also talked about how, just like me, they love to spend time in the bookstore. 

When it was my turn to share, I told them I had come to a metaphorical fork in my life, how I chose passion over a steady paycheck and decided to back to school and take up Public Relations at one of the colleges downtown. I told them I loved meeting new people, talking to people, and interacting with different personalities. I told them how the previous job I've had for seven years had taken its toll on me emotionally and I needed to change that. Sure the pay was adequate, it was the reason I stayed for so long, but it did not provide me with the opportunity to allow myself to grow as a person and as a professional. 

My conversation with the couple lasted the entire 30 minutes I needed to burn in the first place. I politely excused myself and wished them a wonderful afternoon. They, in turn, wished me luck in my life endeavors. The three of us parted ways asI went to my job interview and they walked out the front store door. I never knew their names.

Looking back several days later, it makes me smile how seemingly insignificant event (job interview being delayed) can lead you towards a wonderful emotional rediscovery. I am more excited to start this new chapter in my life than I have ever been. All it took was 30 minutes and some small talk

By the way, I never got the chance to read my magazine. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

No, I'm Not 19. ^^

I had a very young viewer on my BlogTV broadcast last night who thought I was 19-years old. People have often assumed that I look 4-6 years younger than my true age (29) but I believe this was the very first time I've been told I looked 10 years younger.

At first I never really thought about it too much. I mean, I'm kind of gotten used to the fact that I don't look my age and I actually get a kick out of seeing and reading about people's reaction when they find out I'm actually much older.

Sometimes though I do hate the fact that I look young for my age. I've had to deal with a lot crap from people not taking me seriously just because of the way I look.

But now I've gotten used to it. Looking younger does not mean I did not get older and more mature about handling issues like physical appearance.

This is why I shall grow a goatee again. With this I shall have both the look of the energetic 19 year old and the mature appearance of a suave yet sensitive soap opera actor.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 Game Apps You Should Be Playing Right Now

I've been playing these games a lot lately. Download these ASAP on your Android or IOS devices:

1. Monsters Ate My Condo!!! - "Match 3" games are a dime a dozen now but M.A.M.C stands out because primarily of the game's presentation and humor. With its colourful cast of monsters reacting to your every move it's hard not to smile when you're playing this game.

2. Rage of Bahamut - If you're into collectible card games like Magic:The Gathering and Yu-gi-oh! then this game's for you. With over a million live players, great card art, supportive community, and competitive online events, this is a great game for those with that "Gotta collect them all!" attitude.

3. Jetpack Joyride - A simple "run for your life" game that only needs one finger to play. With its charming art style, simple objective, wide custimazation options, and addictive gameplay this is a must-download for any gamer.

Saturday, June 30, 2012


I once had a dream where I consciously remembered a dream I had the night before. Remembering a previous dream while in another dream? Mind. Blown. Dreamception!

Ever had that?

I also have a lot of falling and running dreams. But when I try to run I couldn't really go anywhere. Sometimes I could wake myself up by simply opening my eyes while dreaming; I do this when I'm dreaming that someone's chasing me. I'm not really sure how I do it or how I discovered I could do it. It's just weird.

Here's a handy website about dream interpretations.