Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 Game Apps You Should Be Playing Right Now

I've been playing these games a lot lately. Download these ASAP on your Android or IOS devices:

1. Monsters Ate My Condo!!! - "Match 3" games are a dime a dozen now but M.A.M.C stands out because primarily of the game's presentation and humor. With its colourful cast of monsters reacting to your every move it's hard not to smile when you're playing this game.

2. Rage of Bahamut - If you're into collectible card games like Magic:The Gathering and Yu-gi-oh! then this game's for you. With over a million live players, great card art, supportive community, and competitive online events, this is a great game for those with that "Gotta collect them all!" attitude.

3. Jetpack Joyride - A simple "run for your life" game that only needs one finger to play. With its charming art style, simple objective, wide custimazation options, and addictive gameplay this is a must-download for any gamer.