Thursday, July 19, 2012

30 Minutes

I went to a job interview at the local mall last Monday. A shoe store. I like shoes. I figured since I sorta kinda have a thing for men's fashion it would make sense if a applied for a place that sells things I'm familiar with. The interview was scheduled at 2pm but was delayed because the manager was busy and couldn't accommodate me just yet. I decided to burn some time at the one place I feel most calm - the bookstore.

I grabbed a copy of Esquire Magazine and proceeded to sit on on the chairs near the store's display window. No longer than 5 minutes after I sat down an older woman, in her 60s I would guess, approached the vacant chair that was next to me and sat down herself. She was holding a copy of a "home decoration" magazine, I couldn't remember the name. 

Being the friendly person I am, I said hello and exchanged in casual small talk. Unsurprisingly, we talked about the weather and how hot and humid it was. She then told me that she just came out from a leg operation and was still having difficulties walking. After several more minutes and small talk an older gentleman arrived, whom I would later find out to be her husband; she was also waiting like I was. He sat down next to her and we just talked about how I had just moved from a bigger city (Toronto) to a smaller city (Windsor) and how I was still adjusting, even though I've already have been living here for 6 months. 

They couple shared with me some of their stories: how they had just moved here 4 years ago from a larger city and how much they miss their grown children (one of whom works in Toronto). They also talked about how, just like me, they love to spend time in the bookstore. 

When it was my turn to share, I told them I had come to a metaphorical fork in my life, how I chose passion over a steady paycheck and decided to back to school and take up Public Relations at one of the colleges downtown. I told them I loved meeting new people, talking to people, and interacting with different personalities. I told them how the previous job I've had for seven years had taken its toll on me emotionally and I needed to change that. Sure the pay was adequate, it was the reason I stayed for so long, but it did not provide me with the opportunity to allow myself to grow as a person and as a professional. 

My conversation with the couple lasted the entire 30 minutes I needed to burn in the first place. I politely excused myself and wished them a wonderful afternoon. They, in turn, wished me luck in my life endeavors. The three of us parted ways asI went to my job interview and they walked out the front store door. I never knew their names.

Looking back several days later, it makes me smile how seemingly insignificant event (job interview being delayed) can lead you towards a wonderful emotional rediscovery. I am more excited to start this new chapter in my life than I have ever been. All it took was 30 minutes and some small talk

By the way, I never got the chance to read my magazine.