Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Draw Something Brought Down The Invisible Wall

By all means I'm not an artist when it comes to drawing. Growing up the best I could do were your run-of-the-mill stick figures with smiley faces. That's why when I started to play Draw Something I got a little anxious. The app was starting to get popular and news bits were being made about it, particularly the amazing drawings people created with just a stylus and/or with their fingers. I felt intimidated. What if the person I'm playing with draws this masterpiece and I all I could muster up is a vaguely sketched doodle that should sort of resemble a cat?

Surprisingly, I realized that I could create images that were a little bit beyond stick figures and smiley faces. They're not recreations of the Sistine Chapel, mind you, but they were decent-looking enough that people started to leave positive comments once I started uploading them onto my Instagram account.

One of them even made it to the Ellen Degeneres Show Blog. Who knew?

I guess the moral of this story is that if you let doubt control your life you are robbing yourself the opportunity to achieve something great. While getting "likes" and "thumbs up" on drawings is hardly an achievement, the bigger triumph here is taking down the invisible wall that's been stopping me from doing something (doubt, fear, etc) while finding a hidden talent I never knew I had in the process. 

Here are some more drawings. I only used a finger and an iPod Touch. You can find more in my Instagram account. My username is @johnnyerwin.