Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Benefits Of Not Caring

This blog does not get a lot of hits. I know this because based on the blog's daily stat counter, about 75% of the total visitors (which is not a lot, trust me) came from this very computer, with me checking whether I've gotten hits or not. This constant checking and counting for visitors has actually dissuaded me from updating the blog as often. I said to myself, "Hey, what's the point. No one reads this stuff anyway so why bother." 

This is why, starting today, I have decided to stop checking that stat counter altogether. I have also removed the comments option from the blog entirely. Seeing "no comments" in every entry have also discouraged me from writing more. That issue has also been dealt with.

We live in the social media age, where anyone is invited to share anything and everything with everyone. By sharing said "anything", you are rewarded with instant reactions from people, both positive and negative. It is so easy to say that you "like" something or hate it with a simple click of a button. This instant source of praise or ridicule is clearly a double-edged sword. A simple negative comment can result in a flood of hate from people, a sort of "digital mob mentality", resulting in something akin to internet bullying. Too much praise, on the other hand, can encourage someone, giving him or her the confidence to come with that new "something" to share and the cycle continues.

So what's the point I'm trying to get into? Well I think it's fine that we are able to quickly react to things we see on the internet. I have no complaints about that. But I realized that we have been so accustomed to quick reactions and instant gratifications from the outside world that we may have lost a fine creative quality, or essence if you will, that is so important when we express ourselves:

We have lost the joy of simply creating just for ourselves.

To simply express ourselves because we want to and can is truly an amazing  experience. Let us simply do what makes us happy and not care about what other people think or might say. I have been so worried coming up with things to write for other people that I have forgotten the joys of writing itself. I cared too much about getting or not getting stats and visitor counts and comments and replies that it stopped the creative drive in me completely. 

To do something simply for the pleasure of doing it. To do something because you want to and not to seek attention or judgment. How liberating. 

This is what I mean by not caring - to forget about the reactions from people and to just simply create and express. Just because no one seems to notice does not mean you should stop yourself from saying or doing it. You owe it to your creative self to have your ideas brought out. 

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